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The Academy of Vocal Arts is now approved for participation in Title IV Federal Program. This allows current domestic students to defer payments on outstanding student loans, and to apply for Federal Loans under the Ford Direct Loans Program and the Graduate PLUS Program while attending AVA. Foreign students are not eligible for Title IV support, and they are unable to work in the United States except in limited cases of “practical study,” whereby they may accept singing jobs such as the Santa Fe Apprentice Artist Program.

If you are accepted to AVA and wish to apply for financial aid you may obtain and complete a Free Application for Federal Student Assistance (FAFSA) by calling the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1.800.433.3243, or by visiting the FAFSA Website. You may also obtain this form from your current college or university Financial Aid Office.

To apply for Federal Student Aid, you must provide financial aid transcripts from all colleges or universities you have attended, whether or not you received financial assistance. When completing the FAFSA, applicants will need to include the applicable Title IV code for AVA.

AVA Title IV Codes
0033533 (00) · G33533

In order to complete the application process for federal loans, the applicants must visit the Federal Loan website and submit a Master Promissory Note. First-time applicants must also complete the Entrance Counseling found in the same web site. Any student selected for the Verification Process will have his/her loan placed on hold until the process is completed. The Business Manager provides all the necessary assistance with this, as well as with all other steps in the loan application and maintenance process. Students who have received Federal Loans under AVA’s program are also responsible for completing the Exit Counseling found in the same web site.

AVA abides by all applicable provisions of the law pertaining to the Title IV loans. Loan counseling and assistance with loans deferrals are available to all students by calling the Business Manager. The records of attendance, participation and academic performance are monitored in order to assure that all participants in the Federal Loan Program meet the requirements of the law. Loan disbursements during the school year are made pursuant to the ongoing completion of the programmed hours of instruction. Failure to complete the required hours of instruction will result in the postponement of disbursement, or cancellation of the Federal loan.