Audition Process

Live preliminary auditions may be videotaped if you are unavailable to sing in person for finals.

If you are applying for a “Live Audition”, DO NOT submit electronic recordings of your repertoire.

Pique Dame, 2014, Marina Costa-Jackson

Electronic audition

Applicants may submit a a link MP3 or audio/video recordings of the required five (5) audition arias in lieu of a live audition. Electronic auditions will be reviewed by the president, music director, and music faculty. Applicants will be notified in advance regarding their eligibility for the finals. Electronic applicants who advance to the finals, should be prepared to perform in person in Philadelphia.

Live Audition

Preliminary competitive auditions will be held at the Academy of Vocal Arts. Finalists selected from the preliminary auditions will be notified that day, and should plan to remain in Philadelphia for the final auditions.
Click here for audition dates.

Applicants must be prepared to sing five opera arias in contrasting styles and languages. At the audition, the applicant chooses an aria to sing, and the panel may choose an additional aria (or arias). Five copies of the list of arias should be provided at the time of the audition. The audition panel consists of the President and Artistic Director, Jeannine B. Cowles Music Director Chair, all voice instructors and vocal coaches, or any combination of above.

AVA provides an accompanist, but applicants are permitted to bring their own. The applicant must supply the appropriate scores at the time of audition.

Applicants may warm up for 30 minutes in a practice room before their auditions. If an applicant is late for the scheduled audition, the panel will decide whether or not to hear the audition. The panel is not obliged to hear all the music that an applicant may have prepared or to give an audition evaluation.

Applicants will be notified by mail of the status of their application within a few weeks following the audition.