Affiliate Organizations

The Academy of Vocal Arts is grateful for all the people who support our mission to train the world’s finest opera singers

The Bucks County Opera Association and the Main Line Opera Association hold events and support AVA performances in their area. Those interested in joining or supporting any of these groups, please see information below.

The Bucks County Opera Association of the Academy Of Vocal Arts


Barbara M. Donnelly Bentivoglio
Susan E. Kane

Chair Emeritus

Franca C. Warden


Mrs. Frank T. Bochenek


Ms. Jillian McGlone


Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Bochenek

Scholastic Outreach Chairmen

Mrs. Joseph A. Gendaszek


Ms. Susan Barry
Dr. and Mrs. David H. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. L. Eugene Brown
Mr. Louis Dierking
Ms. Lynne Haberkern
Mr. Laurence Keller
Mrs. Kathleen Mahanes
Mrs. Eric Marder
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Mintzer
Mrs. Lanny Morgnanesi
Mr. James F. Paccioretti
Mr. Laren Pitcairn
Mrs. Richard D. Stephenson
Mrs. William Tinsman
Mrs. Robert Watts
Mrs. Roger Williams Jr.

For information about this organization, contact Susan Kane at 215 862-2526.

The Main Line Opera Association of the Academy of Vocal Arts

Alice Chase · President
Kay Bossone · President Emeritus
Electra Lenard · Vice President
Jane Carton · Recording Secretary
Marlene Milner · Treasurer
Carol Boslet · Corresponding Secretary
Michael Talarico · Membership Chair


Dr. Emmeline Abella
Claire and John Bellis, Jr.
Lee Bookbinder
Carol Boslet
Renate Brookins
Pat and Joseph (Skip) Carroll
Sharon and Jack Carson
Jane Carton
Caroline W. B. Cuthbert
Stacia (Tash) Duff
Mary Dugery
Carole Elkin
Rosemarie Frankino
Mary Louise Haines
Dr. Luz Hammershaimb
Ruth Hattler
Jackie Jerrehian
Mr. and Mrs. Peter O. Karamolengos
Richard B. Kent, M.D. and Cathryn Albrecht Sherman N. Leis

Renee and Milton Margulies
Marlene and George Milner
Linda and John O'Connell
Diane Page
Diane J. Petrosky
Carolyn Ramsey
Kathy and Randy Roberts
Suzanne Root, Esquire
Susan Schofield
Carolyn Seidle and Jim Goff
Susan Shaman
Kathie and John Simkiss
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Soltis
Michael J. Talarico
Audrey A. Wilding
Angela Zager

For information about or to join this organization, please contact Michael Talarico at